December 2017, TRS Raga Racing featured in Traction E-Rag Magazine

Photos by Cecile Gambin


February 5, 2017.

TRS and Adam Raga Take to the Podium in Barcelona

Adam secures second place at the first X-Trial of 2017 after staying close to winner Tony Bou throughout the event but a few costly mistakes in the final lap derailed any chance for the win.  TRS continues to excel at the highest level of trials competition.

DSC_8159 (Medium) DSC_8102 (Medium) DSC_8079 (Medium) DSC_8055 (Medium) DSC_8049 (Medium) DSC_8048 (Medium) DSC_8007 (Medium) DSC_7990 (Medium)DSC_7644 (Medium)

DSC_7650 (Medium) DSC_7557 (Medium)

2106 CPTA Super Stars Trial, Ioco, BC, Canada

Matt Fracy takes to the podium in Champ Class just days after taking delivery of his new TRS 300.  Bob Clark continued his winning ways with a 1st and 2nd place over the two day event in the Senior Intermediate Class.  Well done guys!

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